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We has been committed to the field of Digital Fibre Optic Sensors 10 years, providing customers with customized sensor and application solutions.

Digital Fibre Optic Sensors can reliably identify the presence of targets. They can reliably detect shape, color, distance, or thickness with high detection accuracy. Compared to inductive or capacitive proximity switches, their detection range is significantly larger.

We offer you Digital Fibre Optic Sensors with all types of light, from red light and infrared to laser technology. You can choose from various range of effects, with or without background shading. The large number of structures available for purchase brings you the highest flexibility. It can provide special applications such as micro sensors, color sensors, light bands, and contrast sensors.

You can provide the models of Panasonic or Keyence products, and we only need 1/3 of the price to match the corresponding products, which is very affordable. Welcome to visit our factory in China.Wonderful Technology (HK) Electronics Limited will become your reliable partner.

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